Metisan: The Catalyst Story

Metisan: The Catalyst Story

We all start businesses for different reasons, but the catalyst for me was making myself redundant from a job where I was an owner in the business.  It sounds strange, I know.  Normally when you are an owner, your position as an employee is secure.  But when you truly believe that businesses are there to meet the needs of their clients then there is a higher priority at play - and that priority is how to best serve your customers.

So, I suppose you are wondering how I found myself in that position … well let me tell you the story.

After many years of my partners and I building a strong, client-centric, business from the ground up I realised the organisation could not only continue but actually thrive without me there every day. I had put in place a successful sales strategy and team, the sales processes I had created were delivering results, and our clients were going from strength to strength.

The truth was I had been thinking about starting my own business for some time. I had spent 17 years working for and with others. I had learned so much about business and myself and, additionally, during that period I had gained new skills through my Change Management studies at AGSM (Australian Graduate School of Management) and my Masters in Business (MBA) at Melbourne Business School. Combining my experience and knowledge with my desire to demystify the sales process for others provided the inspiration and drive to step out on my own. 
When it did happen, it happened much faster than I thought it would – there were so many businesses with the desire to become more client-centric, more true to their purpose, and who wanted to make the changes that would drive them forward. Thankfully I thrive in risky environments and, having been in sales for the majority of my professional life, I knew how to sell and how to manage risk and uncertainty.

What I now know is that I had all the jigsaw pieces, but I didn't know what the completed puzzle would look like, or even that it was a puzzle that I needed to put together. These pieces, I discovered, were about making the client the centre of business. They were about how you help a business deeply understand what their clients REALLY want and how to adapt in order to best meet those needs and deliver solutions, which enable growth and ongoing success for all.

I created Metisan to help other businesses put those pieces together - to demystify success for your organisation and your sales team, to help you understand what your clients are looking for and to understand what they need, and to work with you in designing a client-centric sales process which you can rely on every time.

I am passionate about helping people by releasing their fears around selling and salespeople. There is a process to finding your purpose in business or in discovering what your clients really want and how to best meet that need. It starts with experimenting and discovery before you can grow and mature into success – Metisan is here to help you grow.