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Getting Crunchy with your Client Value

We often ‘think’ that we know the value we provide to our clients.  Inevitably this becomes a list of things that we ‘think’ that we offer, of the products and services, of our interpretation of the features and benefits.  I want to tell you why this misses the mark and what to do about it.  

There are two key problems with this:

  1. It is from our perspective and we (as the expert) understand so much more about the work that goes into this delivery and what people ‘should’ appreciate
  2. It uses our words and understanding

Let's look at how to fix that.

Are you building a PurpleBrick road to failure?

Are you building a PurpleBrick road to failure?

We see businesses fail, and there are always lessons, but the failure of PurpleBricks in Australia has me intrigued! I am interested to know how a business that has been so successful in other markets can get it so wrong here.  There is some great commentary from others in the property arena, but I wanted to take a broader look at what went wrong, and what established businesses and startups alike can learn from this.